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Erza's New Armor - volume 44
Erza's New Armor - volume 44
Top 10 Shounen Series of all time

#1 Fairy Tail - Hiro Mashima
I’m still surprised when I see I have a message.

I’m still excited when I get a new follower.

I’m still happy when a post of mine actually gets notes.

And I still appreciate each and every one of you who continues to follow me no matter how silly, or annoying, or weird I am.

Bleach: Masked
Bleach: Masked

"My Flower Withered Between The Pages Two And Three…"

Nightwish ruined my life » Favorite Music Videos [1/5]: Nemo

Welcome to Gothic and Amazing 


Really excited for the next new episode of Fairy Tail — i love me some Cobra ♥♥♥



Madara: Traditional japanese style by Lesya7

Yuan (ChaoyuanXu), Dark Queen Elsa