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todos los fanáticos de kakashi llorando por un ojo .___. por un ojo!!  por lo menos que agradezcan que fue un ojo y no la vida Ò.Ó ya se pasaron de estúpidos!

tampoco entiendo porque tanto odio contra madara!!! lo que hizo fue lo mejor del manga 674!!!! Madara is the best in naruto,in this moment 


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Madara Naruto 673 by MASNOUR-SAMA



and this is all a bit silly, if kakashi fell asleep in the middle of a war Fuck!, everyone crying about a fucking eye, cry for a fucking eye!! when they would have to give thanks to God that Madara did not kill kakashi!


People who aren’t happy with madara’s fast eye surgery and think it’s unbelieveable please remember one guy named sasori. Akasuna living piece of meat sasori. Now please reconsider your life.


rather it is true that everyone is crying for a fucking eye, would have to be happy that kishimoto has not killed kakashi ¬¬

"He is calm and has a good judgement and my same straight commas… With a slight difference.”- Madara

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People yelling at Madara about their favorite characters in the Madara tags


ahahahahhaaaa your tears are delicious